The standard in digital court recording is now even smarter

It’s easier than ever to capture total clarity and safeguard recordings.

Capture, manage and safeguard the court record using the latest digital technology.

From HD audio and video recording, easy annotation, advanced storage, security and access, FTR Gold, with FTR Monitor, FTR Manager, FTR Player and FTR Log Notes, has everything you need to record with confidence.

Smart features

  • Secure, encrypted, blockchain validation – a world first
  • New workflow and integration features
  • New user interface design
  • Easy installer for streamlined installation and upgrades
  • Automatic alerts
  • CMS integration

FTR Gold


  • Capture
  • Validate files
  • Store and retrieve
  • Playback
  • Annotate


Never miss a thing

Record every word with our eight-channel HD audio and four-channel HD video digital court recording capabilities.

Remote Control in High Definition

Monitor and control one or more recording environments from a single PC on your Local Area Network. Start, stop and play back multiple courtrooms.

Keep the record secure

Store and verify digital court recordings with blockchain validation.

Take notes with ease

Take the guesswork out of recalling and locating critical moments for playback. Mark important events, create quick notes and insert time stamps for information such as participants/appearances, spellings and key terminology. Even create log notes remotely after the event.

Integrate with other systems and processes

Enjoy even more flexibility with integration with case management systems and increased compatibility with a wider range of networked and USB audio interfaces.
FTR Gold with FTR Log Notes
FTR Gold with FTR Monitor

Key functionality

  • Up to 8 channel HD audio recording capability per PC – 128+ channels for server configurations
  • Video recording support (up to 4 channels of 1080p HD video)
  • Simultaneous recording and playback – adjust individual tracks
  • Individual channel muting and level adjustment standard feature
  • Multi-format and quality/size codec settings for recording and export up to HD Audio specifications
  • Compatible with USB multi-channel audio standards capturing digital audio directly from interfaces up to 24bit/96kHz
  • Integrated alerts: pop up for low level audio and remote loss of signal
  • Automated replication of recorded audio and log notes to local, removable, network and cloud storage locations
  • Duplicate recordings in various formats
  • Send recordings via email using FTR service and FTR LiveCopy
  • File verification using blockchain validation
  • Hot key functionality for log notes – customizable to individuals and sets
  • Adjustable columns allowing integrated or standalone log notes, with automated timestamp
  • SDK/API available already supports deep integration with Tyler Odyssey through FTR and many other case management systems
  • Supported on Microsoft certified application operating systems from Windows 7 to Windows 10