Our Solutions

Industry-leading recording and court software solutions modernize the way you capture, manage, protect, and access the court record.

For The Record is the global authority in elevating and modernizing the court record through digital court recording management.

As justice technology specialists, we have developed and fine-tuned on-premises, virtual, hybrid, and cloud technology to capture, monitor, manage, access, and elevate the court record.

Our solutions work seamlessly together to unleash the true power of the technology.


Confidence that every word is captured

Reduced delays to justice

Cost efficiency with streamlining solutions

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Capture the court record.

Leverage our expertise and fit-for-purpose technology to ensure crystal-clear audio and video recordings in the courtroom or from remote or hybrid hearings. Our recording innovations provide accurate digital court records and transcripts.


Monitor audio/video recordings.

Have total control over your record. Remotely monitor and record proceedings in multiple courtrooms or courthouses from a central location.


Protect the court record.

Enjoy peace of mind with an advanced yet simple-to-use court software solution that seals or unseals the record—instantly and easily—and protects against fraud, hacking, unauthorized use, and natural disaster damage.


Access recordings and transcripts.

Improve access to justice with a range of cloud-based and in-court software solutions designed to provide fast, secure, and simple ordering and/or downloading of digital audio and video recordings, real-time speech-to-text drafts, and certified transcripts.

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