Safeguard digital court recordfrom  fraud, theft, damage, and natural disasters.

From hackers and other human interferences, to fires, floods, and other natural disasters, unsecured court records face significant risks. Get in touch to learn how we can help mitigate these risks.

Today, the best way to protect court records confidently and securely is to:

Store them in the cloud—safely out of reach of fire, flood, and storms

Guard them with multiple layers of defense—ensuring only authorized users can access

Secure with best-practice encryption—rendering digital court record unreadable or unusable to hackers

Reinforce with anti-fraud tracking—applying data “fingerprints”

Track usage and access—know who used, where and when

Access and security combined.

FTR Recording Vault provides the necessary security for sensitive court data, yet still provides instant, easy access for authorized users such as judges, clerks, administrators, and attorneys.

Find out how FTR Recording Vault helps courts protect, manage, and access court records.

Find out why you can trust For The Record.

Learn more about our security practices.

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