For The Record’s Transcript Express is a world-first online platform for managing court recordings, including audio and video, and transcripts.

Transcript Express provides simplified and faster access to court recordings and transcripts.

With the dual impacts of the court reporter shortage and COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating court case backlogs in North America and around the world, streamlining and improving court processes is now more critical than ever. 

Transcript Express creates efficiencies within the court system by automating and streamlining manual and time-consuming processes involved in locating, managing, storing, ordering, and distributing court audio and video files and transcripts. 

The completely integrated transcript management solution also serves as a portal to the court record, for the judiciary, court administration, legal teams, transcribers, and the public. 


Transcript Express benefits the entire justice system by improving accessibility, increasing transparency, and reducing administrative burden on everyone involved.

Expediting access to the court record helps resolve legal matters in a timely and efficient manner. 


  • Reduces caseload backlogs by accelerating the delivery of transcripts 
  • Provides quick and secure access to recordings from any web-based device 24/7
  • Ability to seal the court record post court proceeding  
  • Monitors court record accessibility, including who has accessed, when they accessed it, and on what device 

Court Administration

  • Enhances access to court records and improves efficiency of services 
  • Delivers innovative solution to reduce persontoperson contact and better serve all Court users 
  • Expedites disposition of cases through the removal of manual processes associated with both recording and transcription management 
  • Automates assigning and providing transcript materials to reporters and tracking progress  
  • Streamlines communications with ordering parties  

Court CFO

  • Cashless system institutes end-to-end controls and audit trail, replacing outdated, in-person invoicing and payment options, ensuring transparency of public funds, and eliminating potential for fraud 
  • Ability to run reports for auditability of recording and transcript orders 
  • Streamlined pricing structure to simplify budgetary processes and reduce costs 

Court IT

  • Provides automated replication and monitoring of encrypted recordings to the cloud and eliminates unauthorized access 
  • Ability to track the details of when a court record is accessed, including who accessed, when they accessed it, and on what device 
  • Streamlined system automatically bundles transcript materials, including audio for the transcriber, and delivers it via email within seconds of the order being approved without the need for multiple systems 
  • Browser based interface for playback, eliminates the need for installing software, maintenance, or upgrades, or granting access to court network  


  • Simplifies recording and transcript orderingreduces persontoperson contact, and provides live progress status of all orders 
  • Provides faster access to the court record, delivered electronically 
  • Secure, cashless payment system, with live estimates, providing transparency in costs

Court Reporters and Transcribers

  • Facilitates faster and safer access to the court record 
  • Reduces administration time involved in gathering documents, providing cost estimates, creating invoices, or dealing with money orders or checks from the public
  • Increases capacity and timely delivery of transcripts
  • Provides an auto-generated email notification of a new job assignment, complete with access to relevant court recordings and log notes, within seconds of the job being approved by the court
  • Guarantees payment


  • Facilitates faster access to justice through 24/7 ordering and access to the court record 
  • Provides convenient payment processes with upfront cost estimate 

Transcript turnaround times improve after implementation of Transcript Express

Jurisdictions that have already implemented Transcript Express record significant improvement in transcript delivery timeframes, from an average of two months expedited to two weeks. 

Smart features

  • Steps through a simple “how to order a court transcript” process
  • Live estimates, cashless payments, and accounting reports 
  • Automates the identification and transfer of recording files within seconds  
  • Recording files and transcripts are stored and managed centrally via automatic cloud replication, ensuring secure access to files, 24/7 from any web-based device and location 
  • Playback of the court record, along with visual wave form and word search capabilities, which include a speech-to-text rough draft transcript 
  • Automatically identifies transcripts previously produced to eliminate replication 
  • Online portal streamlines communications between courts, transcribers, and ordering parties
  • Visibility and automated tracking of all aspects of transcript provision, providing real-time status of orders and user access of court recordings
  • Bundles recordings and log note files automatically and instantly delivers to the Court Reporter or Transcriber 
  • Simple upload of completed transcript for Court Administration review and approval 
  • Automatically generates jurisdiction-specific metrics, including volume, monthly/annual revenue, and on-time delivery 
  • Ability to create billing groups and user groups for payment purposes and to restrict access of the court record based upon court departments/courthouses 

Screenshot of transcript ordering process
Simple online ordering process.
Screenshot of order review online.
Review your order details before payment.
Order status screenshot
View the status of your orders.
Reporting screenshot
Create reports on transcript orders placed.

Transcript Express is simple and easy-to-use, and significantly enhances access to the justice system for all court users.