For The Record's Speech-to-Text technology provides immediate access to the spoken word with high accuracy and searchable text.

FTR Speech-to-Text is justice sector specific—and is AI-informed with legal terminology and a range of US accents. For urgent draft transcripts, FTR Speech-to-Text can deliver up to 95% accuracy.

Our technology uses the most advanced computer software to process human voices and identify specific and familiar words. It syncs the recorded audio with an AI-generated transcript, and users can search keywords to quickly identify relevant snippets within the vast amounts of unstructured court audio.

This allows court users to:
  • Get immediate access to uncertified court records at a fraction of the price 
  • Focus on what’s happening in the court instead of taking notes 
  • Enjoy daily access to uncertified transcripts with up to 95% accuracy
  • Get the competitive advantage of nightly records for ongoing proceedings 
  • Conduct word-based searches for quick reference 
  • On top of this, the cashless benefits include easier payments, less registry administration and safer, contactless options.
Speech-to-Text is available free for courts using For The Record’s Recording Vault and is part of a suite of cloud-based solutions which work together to increase the efficiency and confidence of participants in the justice system.