Secure storage and playback of the digital court record.

For The Record’s Recording Vault provides immediate, secure, and reliable access to digital recordings.

With courts facing tightening budgets, increasing demands on the network, and escalating risks of natural disasters and security breaches, the traditional method of storing court recordings is under constant threat. 

Maintaining the integrity of the court record efficiently and cost-effectively remains crucial.  

Recording Vault protects the court record and supports productivity by providing near-immediate and secure cloud replication and playback of testimony and court proceedings. 

For The Record’s digital court recordings can be easily accessed by, and for, judges, juries, attorneys, clerks, and administrators anywhere, anytime and on any device. 

Increased accessibility is provided with Recording Vault’s add-on features such as Transcript Express and Speech-to-Text. 


Recording Vault benefits the entire justice system by:

  • Enhancing confidence in the transparency of the system
  • Speeding up court processes with reliable and fast access to the court record


  • Uninterrupted, 24/7 access to court records from any location
  • Ability to easily locate exact portions of audio improves efficiency
  • Analytics of courtroom process shows improved speed of hearings 
  • Use of Speech-to-Text technology to prepare judgements more efficiently and focus on what’s happening in the court instead of taking notes 

Court Administration

  • Audio recordings are stored appropriately in adherence to retention policies 
  • User-friendly web interface creates more efficient court record management
  • Monitor who is accessing recordings with authorized access to history of playback and viewing

Court CFO

  • Cloud storage reduces storage and administration costs
  • Pay for precise storage needs without wastage or installation cost of physical servers 
  • Unlimited users per courtroom and no individual license fee, avoids administrative burden of tracking individual access

Court IT

  • No user training needed 
  • Cloud storage reduces physical risks from floods, fires, theft, fraud etc. 
  • Frees up server space
  • Automatic upgrades eliminate time spent on manual updates and installations across various sites


  • Enhances preparation for court cases with quicker access and turnaround of processes 
  • Confidence in integrity of the court record
  • Decrease costs and increase competitive advantage in jurisdictions offering Transcript Express and Speech-to-Text add-ons

Court Reporters and Transcribers

  • Assists understanding of other dialects and vernaculars by allowing court reporters to review the audio recording, ultimately increasing transcript accuracy 
  • Increases transcript production capabilities and on-time deliveries 
  • More efficient transcription coordination and management through readily accessible recordings 


  • Increases confidence knowing court proceedings will be recorded and securely stored for future access, such as appeals
  • Quicker turnaround of court processes

Smart features

  • All recording files are stored and managed centrally via automatic cloud replication 
  • Authorized users are nominated and controlled by the court 
  • Secure browser-based access is available anywhere, anytime, and on any device 
  • Flexible storage options allow the court to instantly meet needs with storage space on demand 
  • Comprehensive audit trails give opportunity to monitor and restrict access to recordings 
  • Cloud-based storage provides protection from physical and fraud risks to security 
  • Help Center accessible 24/7
  • Repository organization by courthouse and courtroom, along with keyword search dramatically speeds up process of locating audio and video files 
  • Playback of the court record is enhanced with a visual wave form and Speech-to-Text rough draft transcript with word search capabilities to deliver even faster access to written records of proceedings or hearings

Main Repository User Interface For The Record' Recording Vault
File Explorer User Interface For The Record' Recording Vault

Recording Vault is available for courts using For The Record’s recording software and is part of a suite of cloud-based solutions which work together to increase the efficiency and confidence of participants in the justice system.