No more guesswork

Leverage the power of FTR Log Notes

Take the guesswork out of recalling and locating critical moments for playback with FTR Log Notes as part of the FTR Gold Annotation Suite.

See who spoke at a glance with instantly searchable information.

FTR Log Notes helps court reporters and stakeholders find clarity in any recording.

It is bundled with FTR Manager and FTR Player as part of the FTR Gold Annotation Suite.  Visit the FTR Store to purchase the FTR Gold Annotation Suite now.

Smart features

  • Sealed recordings and annotations
  • One-click playback to key points
  • Annotations, event flagging and commenting
  • Customizable quick notes
  • Case/docket integration and look up
  • Convert and archive files

FTR Manager


  • Annotation
  • Play back
  • Manage files
  • Integration with CMS


Pinpoint precision

Log important events, create quick notes and insert time stamps for information such as appearances, spellings and key terminology.

Total control

Integrate with Case Management Systems to track every recording.

Manage the record

Export to other file formats, save FTR recordings to DVD and mark segments as confidential or sealed.
FTR Player - Classic Skin
FTR Gold with FTR Log Notes

Key functionality

  • Create hot keys for most commonly referenced events and replace monotony with efficiency in annotation.
  • Create an index of time-stamped reference points against the recording that outlines who was speaking.
  • Utilize independent channel control, microphone volume and pitch compensated speed control for full playback control.
  • Utilize rapid duplication of portions of recordings for efficient transcript production.
  • Provide content in a range of formats.