Built for high speed transcript production and convenience

Our free audio and video player gives you full channel isolated playback control of the record.

FTR Player is the digital standard for transcription playback.

Take full control over individual recorded channel volume, speech speed, and enjoy seamless integration with log notes and foot pedals.

Install and use with ease with a new installer and updater, and modern interface.

FTR Player is recommended for transcription purposes. Alternatively, to simply listen to FTR recordings on your PC, Mac or mobile, use our free online FTR Web Player.

"I find FTR easier and more functional. FTR is much easier to load and the muting/channel selection seems easier to work."

Audio Transcriber

FTR Player - Default Skin

Smart features

  • Active speaker indication
  • Inbuilt speed control
  • Audio channel isolation
  • Custom range playback
  • USB foot pedal control


You take control

Unlike a standard digital media player, FTR’s free player lets you use the record as it was intended with full control. Adjust individual microphone volumes and speech speed so you can listen low and high without any ‘chipmunking’.

Isolate with pinpoint accuracy

Player has independent channel control, so you can hear each channel as it is recorded.

Integrated with log notes

Clicking a log note timestamp calls up that exact moment for playback in FTR Player.

Works with others

It’s Windows 10 supported and opens other standard media file types such as MP3, WMV and WAV.

To maximize the benefits of FTR Player it’s recommended you capture the recording using the companion program – FTR Gold.

FTR Player - Classic Skin
FTR Player - Silver Skin

Key functionality

  • Play up to four video streams and eight audio channels – if video recording is captured using an FTR compatible recorder
  • Graphical timeline of the recording that can be easily manipulated to find the required play time and range
  • Channel isolation and independent channel volume controls
  • Pitch compensated playback when speed is varied
  • Play a recording that contains sealed and public sessions
  • Play recordings from an FTP server
  • Recordings can be saved in a number of different formats (with FTR Manager)
  • User defined global keyboard shortcuts and customisable foot pedal controls