Court recordings on demand now

Listen to court recordings, and search for and follow proceedings on screen with word and case search

Listen live or on your own time with FTR™.

With a simple two-step ordering process you’ll get secure access to courtroom recordings via the internet. View case details, add flags and order transcripts too. It’s the modern, more flexible way to access the court record.

Smart features

  • Near live audio and video streaming
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Annotations, event flagging and commenting
  • Full history of user playback and access for administrators
  • Integrated clerk approval workflow and secure online ordering with credit card payment for granting external party recording access

For The Record FTR Login


  • Streaming & playback
  • Controlled distribution of court recordings
  • Court recording review


Fast turnaround

Quickly and easily listen/watch, mark important events, write notes and save recorded matters for later access… anywhere, anytime.

Easily and quickly retrieve recordings

No more central repository needed. Free up your IT department to focus on other things and enjoy unprecedented access to maintained court recordings.

Absolutely safe and secure™ ensures secure access and full user action logging. Encrypted content streaming removes the need to download files for playback and reduces uncontrolled court recordings in circulation (internally and externally).

Key functionality

  • Content-driven search and retrieve
  • Content available on-demand
  • Playback and analysis of the recording and detailed note-making tools
  • Secure access and full user action logging