Technology to capture, playback and use the court record

Say hello to faster access to complete and clear digital court records with For the Record’s easy-to-use and secure digital court recording, playback, annotation and search tools.

FTR Web Player

Convenient and fast access to court recordings. A responsive, simple and free player that lets you upload and listen direct from your browser.

FTR Player

The transcription industry’s preferred player of digital court recordings. Offering total control and smart flexibility so you can focus on what you need, fast.

FTR Gold

From HD audio and video recording, easy annotation, advanced storage, security and access, you’ll have everything you need to record with confidence.

Transcript Express

Transcript Express provides simplified and faster access to court recordings and transcripts.

Recording Vault

Recording Vault provides immediate, secure, and reliable access to digital recordings.


Speech-to-Text provides immediate access to the spoken word with high accuracy and searchable text.

Digital justice facilitates remote proceedings like in a courtroom

Digital Justice

A digital solution for remote court proceedings.

Play digital court recordings on demand, online. Listen anywhere and benefit from new functionality including word search via AI auto-annotation and CMS integration.

FTR Touch 6.0

A new, reliable all-in-one recording device to create and store digital court records with just one touch of a button.

FTR Log Notes

Take the guesswork out of recalling and locating critical moments for playback with FTR Log Notes. See who spoke at a glance with instantly searchable information.

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