Transcript Express

Transcript management and ordering—automated and transformed.

Everything about For The Record’s Transcript Express platform is transformative.  

The world’s first and only fully automated system for managing court recording and transcript orders, Transcript Express creates efficiencies within the court system and provides the public with faster access to the court record. 

World-first technology reforms outdated processes  

Manual and time-consuming processes involved in locating, managing, ordering, distributing, and archiving court recordings and transcripts are now simplified and streamlined with Transcript Express.   

This completely integrated solution also serves as a contact-free, online portal to the court record—for the judiciary, court administration, legal teams, transcribers, and the public. 

The court record, including audio/video recordings and transcripts, is delivered quickly, more efficiently, and with complete visibility. It is also automatically archived as a searchable repository of court records. 


Accelerate court recording and transcript processing

Automate all manual processing, including cost estimates, invoicing, and automated archiving

Simplify ordering for citizens

See how Transcript Express can benefit:

Reduce backlogs with faster delivery of transcripts* 

Relieve time pressure on administration staff by automating transcript production processes 

Eliminate potential for fraud with cashless system and audit trail 

Order online, easily, and securely from anywhere, anytime 

Get real-time estimates of transcript costs

Securely track order progress and delivery

*Jurisdictions that have already implemented Transcript Express show significant improvement in transcript delivery timeframes, expedited from an average of two months to two weeks. 

Transcript Express reduces delivery timeframes


Simple steps and easy-to-use interface streamline the ordering process 

Live estimates, cashless payments, and accounting reports ensure transparency 

Identification of recording files and possible duplicate transcripts is automated within seconds 

Recordings and transcripts are stored and managed centrally via automatic cloud replication, ensuring secure access to files, 24/7 from any web-based device and location 

Playback of the court recording is enhanced with a visual wave form 

Optional audio-synced FTR Speech-to-Text rough drafts deliver even faster access, and deeper understanding of what was said, when it was said, and how it was said during proceedings 

Simple upload of completed transcript alerts court administration to review, approve, and process payment 

Online portal reduces person-to-person contact and streamlines communications between courts, transcribers, and ordering parties 

Visibility and automated tracking of all aspects of transcript provision provides real-time status of orders and monitors user access of court recordings 

Automatic bundling instantly delivers recordings and log notes to assigned court reporter or transcriber 

Jurisdiction-specific metrics provide visibility into volume, monthly/annual revenue, and on-time delivery 

Streamlined pricing structure simplifies budgetary processes and reduces costs 

Ability to create billing groups and user groups, and restrict access— based on specified users—gives courts full control 

For the Record

Transcript Express

Recast and reform outdated transcript and audio/video delivery.

Increase accessibility and lower costs with For The Record’s Transcript Express add-on feature—FTR Speech-to-Text. 

For the Record

For The Record Speech-to-Text

Revolutionary technology available today.

Speech-to-Text is available free for courts using For The Record’s Recording Vault and is part of a suite of cloud-based solutions which work together to increase the efficiency and confidence of participants in the justice system.

Cloud Platform Solutions.

Recording Vault simultaneously replicates digital court recordings into the cloud as soon as they are captured; guards them with industry-leading security measures; yet still makes them instantly and easily available to judges and court staff.

As the world’s first and only fully automated system for managing, ordering, delivering, and archiving transcripts, Transcript Express has recast and reformed outdated delivery of court recordings and transcripts.


Created specifically for the justice system, FTR Speech-to-Text syncs a rough draft of up to 94 percent accuracy with time-stamped audio/video. This combination enables faster retrieval and deeper understanding.

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