Recording Vault

Court recording storage, management, and access like never before.

FTR Recording Vault exponentially increases the ease and security of managing crucial recordings. It provides automatic, secure, cloud-based storage and a comprehensive, centralized management platform—enabling immediate access for the court.

As soon as digital recordings are captured, Recording Vault simultaneously replicates the audio and video into the cloud; guards them with industry-leading security measures; yet still makes them instantly and easily available to court staff and judges.

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Access court recordings 24/7, from any location, on any device

Save on local storage costs, and shore up disaster recovery

Manage and monitor multiple courtroom recordings simply and remotely

See how Recording Vault can benefit:

Access easily and immediately from any device, anytime

Instantly seal or unseal portions of the record

Protect against hacking, unauthorized use, or fraud

Manage multiple courtrooms remotely and simultaneously

Check visual cues for confidence monitoring, confirming recording is in progress

Eliminate risk to locally stored files with cloud protection


Secure, browser-based access available anywhere, anytime, and on any device

All recording files (from FTR Gold V1.1 to our latest generation four-channel HD video and 16-channel audio) automatically stored and managed centrally via automatic cloud replication

Court nominates and controls all authorized users

Comprehensive auditing capabilities monitor usage and access to recordings, including who accessed, when and on which device

Cloud-based storage and digital checksums provide security protection from physical and fraud risks

Playback of the court recording enhanced with a visual wave form and optional synced FTR Speech-to-Text drafts

Synced audio and FTR Speech-to-Text deliver even faster access and deeper understanding of what was said, when it was said, and how it was said during proceedings

Recording Vault

Automation, access, and audit control setting the new standard for justice.

Increase accessibility for all court users with For The Record’s additional Cloud Platform Solutions—Transcript Express and FTR Speech-to-Text.
For the Record
For the Record

For The Record Speech-to-Text

Revolutionary technology available today.

Speech-to-Text is available free for courts using For The Record’s Recording Vault and is part of a suite of cloud-based solutions which work together to increase the efficiency and confidence of participants in the justice system.

Cloud Platform Solutions.

Recording Vault simultaneously replicates digital court recordings into the cloud as soon as they are captured; guards them with industry-leading security measures; yet still makes them instantly and easily available to judges and court staff.

As the world’s first and only fully automated system for managing, ordering, delivering, and archiving transcripts, Transcript Express has recast and reformed outdated delivery of court recordings and transcripts.


Created specifically for the justice system, FTR Speech-to-Text syncs a rough draft of up to 94 percent accuracy with time-stamped audio/video. This combination enables faster retrieval and deeper understanding.

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