FTR Recording Vault

Unrivaled storage and access for official court content.

Forming the foundation of FTR Justice Cloud, FTR Recording Vault exponentially increases the ease and security of managing official court content. It provides automatic, secure, cloud-based storage and a comprehensive, centralized management platform—enabling immediate access for the court. 

FTR Recording Vault automatically replicates digital court recordings in the cloud as they are captured. It guards records with industry-leading security measures, yet still makes them instantly available to judges, court staff, and other approved participants.

Powered by FTR Justice Cloud, FTR Recording Vault is enhanced functionality for justice administration.

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FTR Cloud Ecosystem infographic, highlighting FTR Recording Vault

See how FTR Recording Vault can benefit:

Access official court content easily and immediately from any internet-enabled device, anytime

Seal or unseal portions of the record instantly

Protect sensitive court data from unauthorized use, hacking, or fraud

Manage and monitor multiple courtrooms remotely and simultaneously 

Check visual cues for confidence monitoring to confirm recording is in progress

Reduce risk to locally stored files with cloud-based security

Save on local data storage costs with enhanced scalability and flexibility

Reinforce disaster recovery processes


All recording files (FTR Gold V1.1 to latest generation 4-channel HD video and 16-channel audio; plus files captured by real-time recorders) are automatically stored and managed centrally via automatic cloud replication

Courts can manage user permissions and access

Comprehensive auditing capabilities to monitor usage and retrieval of recordings—see who accessed records, when, and on which device

Cloud-based storage and digital checksums provide security protection from physical and cyber threats 

Playback of the court recording enhanced with a visual wave form

Audio synced with speech-to-text rough drafts delivered by FTR QuickDraftenable efficient playback of the court record and enhance the searchability of audio

FTR Desktop App supports transcribers and court reporters, facilitating efficient transcription

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For the Record

For The Record Speech-to-Text

Revolutionary technology available today.

Speech-to-Text is available free for courts using For The Record’s Recording Vault and is part of a suite of cloud-based solutions which work together to increase the efficiency and confidence of participants in the justice system.

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