Our leadership team has a vision to provide unprecedented levels of access to the court record.

Michael G. Rose

Chief Executive Officer

With 35+ years in management and marketing, Mike is a proven leader known for accelerating growth and innovation within companies exhibiting great potential. He is no stranger to influencing and advocating for change, and facilitating the adoption of new technologies to move companies and industries forward.

This has included leading an industry overhaul of paint recycling in the US, with legislation passed in multiple states. As Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Ease Entertainment Services, Mike transformed notoriously inefficient, paper-based, ‘behind the camera’ processes into fast and seamless online systems that became the new industry standard.

Tony Douglass

Tony Douglass


Tony is a recognized pioneer and seasoned expert in judicial technology and digital AV recording. Working with For The Record since 2004, he has helped transform the company into an innovative global partner that helps courts and clients work smarter, faster and with complete confidence.

He continues to spearhead the court recording process, introducing world-first digital technologies to dramatically improve the delivery speed, security and accuracy of court records.

Kevin Tupper (CTO)

Kevin Tupper

Chief Technology Officer

Kevin joined For The Record in July 2020, with over 20 years’ experience delivering mission critical and SaaS applications to the U.S. federal government, businesses, and consumers.

He has spent several years with Microsoft helping federal agencies understand and adopt cloud technologies and artificial intelligence, as well as working closely with our team across several technologies, including virtual justice and speech-to-text.

Kevin is the rare entrepreneurial technologist who quickly understands key business drivers and processes, which will be integral to achieving our mission of accelerating the delivery of justice.

Mandy Cole FTR

Mandy Cole

Chief Human Resources Officer

Mandy has more than 15 years’ experience in strategic human resources and talent acquisition, successfully leading diverse teams to drive corporate culture and deliver upon business goals.

As FTR’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Mandy ensures we have exceptional people, policies and work environments to support our dynamic business. Working with leadership and across our global team, Mandy drives a culture of collaboration, engagement, performance and results. She is passionate about empowering employees to do their best and championing positive change for our business across the world.

Jill O'Rourke

Executive Vice President - Finance & Strategy

Jill has 16 years’ experience in the finance industry, holding senior executive roles in Australian organizations such as Suncorp, Aveo and FKP Property Group. She was also manager of KPMG Australia for four years.

In 2020, Jill re-joined For The Record Group, having worked as Finance Manager at Auscript from 2014-2017. Since then, she has developed comprehensive pricing models, re-engineered monthly reporting suites, and implemented several process improvements. Jill oversees our Finance and Operations teams and is responsible for ensuring ongoing compliance with all taxation and governance requirements.

Fraser Wyatt

Fraser Wyatt

Vice President - Court Services (Americas)

Fraser is an accomplished account management and business process review specialist.  After successfully introducing FTR’s online applications in the US market, Fraser’s business development and account management team supports our US court clients to transform their operations with a new era of digital solutions.

As Vice President – Court Services, Fraser helps set the tone for how the account is managed by assuring focus on key client objectives and delivering appropriate resources showcasing what we strive to achieve for every client: simple, streamlined efficiency.

SueLynn Morgan

SueLynn Morgan

Vice President - Justice Program Management

SueLynn Morgan rejoined our team in 2021 after previously working with For The Record from 2011 – 2017, first as Director of Consulting Services & Court Reporter Solutions, then as Director of Court Relations.

SueLynn is highly respected and well known in the court reporting and technology industry, bringing a wealth of experience to her role. SueLynn worked as a court reporter for the Comanche County District Court in Lawton, Oklahoma and also served as the 2009-10 President of the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) before joining For The Record in 2011.

During her time away from For The Record, SueLynn worked as a Court Technology and Process Consultant for The Morgan Group and as Director of Digital Service Delivery for Esquire Deposition Solutions.

In her role as VP – Justice Program Management, SueLynn is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and focuses her expertise on our partnership with the Judicial Branch of Arizona in Maricopa County.