Iowa Chief Justice Seeks More Funding for Court Tech

Iowa wants to firmly yank its court system into the 21st century.

In his annual Condition of the Judiciary address last month, Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Cady pushed for a series of technology investments. Cady told lawmakers that technology is “propelling courts into a new age of justice,” and he announced several new digital initiatives, including an online dispute resolution system and more videoconferencing in the state’s court system, as many other localities have done.

The Iowa Judicial Branch wants an additional $7.2 million to fund them, which would amount to a 4 percent increase over the $177 million the judiciary received for the budget year ending June 30, 2018, according to local TV station Fox 28.

“We simply can no longer proceed into the future thinking it will be a modest linear extension from where we are today,” Cady said. “Imagine how my grandchildren will someday read a bedtime story to their grandchildren. New tools and a new understanding of our transforming world truly create an opportunity to do what we could not have previously imagined.”

Iowa’s court system, he said, must “think big and take big steps.” 

Source: Phil Goldstein, State Tech (14/02/2019), ‘Iowa Chief Justice Seeks More Funding for Court Tech’

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