Enhancements to FTR Player download

As part of For The Record’s new and improved website, clients can now use our online platform to download FTR Player.

While it remains completely free to download, the new process through the FTR Store makes it more efficient to accept and despatch orders.

Clients can now access the FTR Player download via our website either by going directly to the FTR store (Store tab in the navigation bar) or by clicking any of the FTR Player download buttons on the site.

Contact information provided through the FTR store is strictly governed and protected by the Privacy Policy available in the footer of our website.

To download your free version of FTR Player:
1. Go to
2. Choose the FTR Player version that suits your Windows suite.
3. Click ‘Add to cart’.
4. Review your product selection and then click ‘Check out’.
5. Login to your Shopify account. If you do not have a Shopify account, please register.
6. Fill out the required information and click ‘Continue to Payment Method’. Note: as this is a free download it will tell you no payment information is required. Ignore that it says Free + Taxes as this is a default setting.
7. Click ‘Complete order’.
8. Your order confirmation page will reload and you will be able to click the ‘Download now’ button.
9. FTR Player will automatically start to download. You will also receive a confirmation email with a link to this download page.