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Discover the peace-of-mind of an FTR Managed Solution

At For The Record, we record, manage, produce and distribute court audio and transcripts so they can be listened to, used and read anywhere, anytime.

All of our managed services integrate to ensure the complete capture and distribution of a crystal clear audio recording or verbatim transcript. High quality recordings make everything in the court record process more manageable, efficient and useful – enabling transcripts to be prepared faster. With faster access, judges and other legal officers can quickly review or even play earlier recordings to the courtroom as part of the proceedings.

We achieve this by designing, installing and managing the right processes, equipment and systems on behalf of our court customers. Our end-to-end solution is unmatched in the global court recording and transcription market.

The complete FTR Managed Solution is the ultimate court recording and reporting service. An FTR Managed Solution allows court administrators to embrace an on-demand model resulting in reduced costs to courts while protecting court governance and providing reliable, efficient service delivery.

With an FTR Managed Solution we:

  • Offer absolute clarity with broadcast quality audio and video.
  • Manage and take responsibility for content to serve the needs of courts, the judiciary, attorneys and parties, court reporters and stenographers.
  • Provide a suite of digital tools to reliably and consistently capture, index, access, manage, publish, store and deliver the court record in the form of audio or transcript
  • Protect court governance, enable reliable and efficient service delivery with detailed reporting, and offer an on-demand model resulting in reduced costs to courts.

Digital HD Audio and Video Recording

The simplicity of FTR Gold makes it an ideal choice for courts of all sizes and types that need excellent audio/video recording performance and reliability in a package that is easy to use and manage.

FTR Gold
FTR Gold Server

CMS Integration, Security & Validation

Our recording and streaming systems can be integrated with third party and custom-built case management systems, including Tyler Odyssey Case Manager, for improved user experience.

Our solutions have been developed to adhere to or exceed rigorous security requirements appropriate for courts and law enforcement.

Recording integrity is assured through to the end user with a combination of secure technical monitoring services and alerts, and FTR’s uniquely verifiable blockchain technology.

Streaming, Search, Remote Monitoring, Support, Analytics, Transcript Production & Storage

For The Record enables the simultaneous creation of log notes and replication of data to a storage location. Log notes, created either in real-time or post event, electronically time link the court proceedings to the audio files to enable audio transcribers to rapidly navigate to the required segments for producing a transcript. Transcript production can be completed by our team of locally based, certified providers.

Significant cost savings, efficiencies and importantly, peace-of-mind can be achieved through our recording and monitoring services including centralized, remote recording, monitoring and annotating services as well as our technical monitoring and software support.

For The Record offers simple, intuitive online services for court users to request, securely access and play recordings anywhere, anytime on PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.

We enable courts to easily manage content conversion, as well as store and access recordings through responsive search and browse capabilities meaning approved users can access relevant FTR content within seconds.

Web Player
FTR Log Notes
FTR Player
FTR Monitor
FTR Manager & FTR Warehouse

Distribution of Audio & Analytics

FTR LiveCopy can securely move audio two to five seconds behind the spoken word over a network and approximately 20 seconds behind the spoken word over the internet. This creates a platform for high-speed transcription production.

An FTR Managed Solution enables improved governance, productivity, efficiency and decision-making through analytics and increased visibility and metrics for courts.

FTR LiveCopy

We develop exact solutions and manage the court reporting process for courts of any size.

We specialise in tailored solutions that provide courts with maximum dependability, flexibility in system integration and stakeholder usability. Our technologies have become the defacto standard in many courtrooms around the world. All of our recording infrastructure is highly reliable, remotely manageable, redundant, easily repaired, scalable while being power friendly with a small footprint.

Example of multi-courtroom deployment

MultiCourt Infographic

Example of single courtroom deployment

Single Court Infographic