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Player™ (current release 5.6.2) is the free audio & video player created for full playback control of the record. Adjust individual microphone volumes and speech speed, and increase productivity with foot pedal support and Log Notes™ integration.

Download FTR Player™ 5.6.2

Free download for Windows XP, 7 and 8.

Active Speaker Indication

If you have ever encountered over talk in Court, you'll appreciate Player™. Featuring Active Speaker Indication, Player's™ channel indicator lights let you see who was talking on each microphone channel. The light glows stronger the louder the source.

Native Foot Pedal Support

Player™ natively supports USB foot pedals, so you can get on with getting the record down without fiddling with a mouse. And if the action is a little slow, Player's™ inbuilt speed control lets you listen at higher speed without changing the pitch or intelligibility.

Player 6 - Coming Soon

Player™ 6 keeps the original workflow you are used to intact, while improving it in every possible way. Player™ 6 has been built from the ground up to increase stability and speed, and adds native integration of Log Notes™, as well as delivering audio with LiveCopy™ and Transcript Express™.

FTR Player 6 Beta testing has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Player 5.6.2 is available now
for free download.

Download Player 5.6.2

For Windows XP, 7 and 8.

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