More clarity than ever

Gain true clarity with FTR Gold 5.7’s HD audio and video recording capabilities.


ftr_trustFTR Quality recordings, manageable file sizes

What’s more, you can now achieve HD audio and video recordings while keeping file sizes manageable. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to record up to CD quality of 44.1kHz/16-bit and as high as 48kHz/16-bit.

Take a minute to listen to the very noticeable improvement in FTR recording quality – a quantum leap from the previous industry standard.

hearing Hear the difference

Screenshot of 4 video screens and a digital playback interface

FTR 5.6.2 at 16kHz

FTR 5.6.2 at 22.05kHz

FTR 5.7 at 16kHz/16-bit

FTR 5.7 at 24kHz/16-bit

FTR 5.7 at 32kHz/16-bit

FTR 5.7 at 44.1kHz/16-bit

FTR 5.7 at 48kHz/16-bit

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